Monday, June 01, 2009

Now for something completely different

When I started posting again, I mentioned that I would be adding other genres to my usual diet of psych, surf and garage. Although I am no longer able to spend hours digging through crates of vinyl, I do haunt a few places where the digging is easy. The cover of this one caught my eye and after reading the notes, I placed my 25 cents US in the hand of the clerk and proceeded to Chez Riff to clean it and give it a listen. All but one of the tracks were composed by Quincy Jones and the other track is by Horace Silver. Six vocalists and a rhythm section putting out some very cool sounds. Think Lambert, Hendricks and Ross times two. If you like vocalise and cool jazz, I think you'll like this one. Ripped @ 320 by Eddie. Cover scans included.

Link and password are in comments.