Friday, February 15, 2008

Black Sun Ensemble - Lambent Flame

Review by Richard Foss from All Music Guide.

"Lambent Flame was recorded just before the core members of this band got completely lost in drugs and mysticism, which doesn't mean this release is short of references to either. The raga-influenced guitar freak-outs sometimes include chanted or howled vocals, which are sometimes in English, sometimes not. Odin Helgison's voice is generally buried beneath a swirl of guitars, which is just where it belongs, since when he is audible one can tell that his lyrics are second-rate acidhead ramblings. It's all redeemed by the flamboyant guitar work of Jesus Acedo, who unleashes mind-bending solos and even the occasional catchy melody. Another asset is Duane Norman's tasteful sax and flute playing, which gives a restrained counterpoint to the madness happening all around. Tracks like the Santana-esque "Blues for Rainer" and the Indian-inflected "Leviathan Song" show that this band actually had compositional skills when they felt like using them, and they could actually make music that was both heavy and subtle. There are just enough moments like that spread through this album to make it a keeper."

Check out their available releases on

Sadly still out-of-print, I present a CD rip @ 320 with artwork.

Link, password and tracklisting are available in the comments.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

No Bowl For This Goldfish

I present for your listening pleasure a vinyl rip of "The Goldfish Album" by Tucson, Arizona's Black Sun Ensemble. This is some of the best psychedelic music recorded in the U.S. after 1970. Sadly, long out-of-print and never available on cd, this first major release on Restless Records is all instrumental and seriously mind-expanding. Do yourself a favor and check out their releases available on

Artwork included.

Tracklisting, link and password in comments.