Monday, June 01, 2009

Now for something completely different

When I started posting again, I mentioned that I would be adding other genres to my usual diet of psych, surf and garage. Although I am no longer able to spend hours digging through crates of vinyl, I do haunt a few places where the digging is easy. The cover of this one caught my eye and after reading the notes, I placed my 25 cents US in the hand of the clerk and proceeded to Chez Riff to clean it and give it a listen. All but one of the tracks were composed by Quincy Jones and the other track is by Horace Silver. Six vocalists and a rhythm section putting out some very cool sounds. Think Lambert, Hendricks and Ross times two. If you like vocalise and cool jazz, I think you'll like this one. Ripped @ 320 by Eddie. Cover scans included.

Link and password are in comments.


Blogger Eddie Riff said...

01. For Lena And Lennie
02. French Rat Race
03. Stockholm Sweetnin'
04. Boo's Blues
05. Doodlin'
06. Meet Benny Bailey
07. Evening In Paris
08.. Count 'Em


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