Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas With Jack Jones, U. S. A. F.

Here's something interesting posted by Sanity Clause at Sanity Clause's Shanty. It's one side of an LP produced by the U. S. Air Force featuring Jack Jones doing some Christmas tunes. It's pretty cool and I've never seen another copy shared. Here's what he says:

"Several years ago I purchased part of a library of records which had belonged to a defunct radio station. There were lots of lps of public service announcements, ads, generic spots, etc. This is one which ended up in my Christmas collection. I've always liked Jack Jones' version of "Mistletoe And Holly" which serves as the theme for this Program produced by the U. S. Air Force during the sixties. The cover I've always found poignant, what with U. S. airmen and Santa trying to bring cheer to Vietnamese children while we...well, I won't get into that. Merry Christmas to all and when was that peace on earth going to begin?"


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